Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pushing Friel

Today I'm Jeal of Anna Friel (Chuck Charles on ABC's Pushing Daisies)

If you haven't seen this quirky show, you're missing out. It's like watching a cross of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (original, obvi) and a black and white old school murder mystery you might find on AMC late at night (not that I'm ever desperate enough to turn to AMC when reruns of Center Stage eventually get old....) 

Anna Friel and Lee Pace (the "Pie Maker")  are the cutest couple on TV. The fact that they can't touch (due to an extremely complicated "gift" that is best explained by actually watching the show)  makes their relationship like watching the end of a PG rated Romantic Comedy, but ALL THE TIME. It's awesome. 

I'll admit the marketing of this show made me very skeptical...but once I saw a couple of episodes I was hooked. 

Anna Friel's wide eyed optomism as Chuck makes me smile on the inside. It's easy to see why the Piemaker falls hard. I know I have. I heart you Anna!

Plus the show has Kristen Chenoweth, who occasionally breaks out into song. 

What's not to love? 

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