Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Morning Upper East Siders...

Wow. Just wow.

Okay, let's start with Chuckles and Blair....I LOVE them. And even though I really wanted to see them get it on, I'm so glad the writers decided to keep them apart. I mean they're right...can we really see them going to the movies and holding hands....not really. What I am sad about is that we don't get to see Blair's "sex wardrobe" anymore. I mean seriously, she's supposed to be 17...does she have a personal account at La Perla.

I like the artist guy, a lot, but mostly I'm just jeal of Serena. WTF why do all the boys like her. She's so vapid. I mean I liked her a lot when she was all trying to be nice serena and dating dan, but now I'm over it....she's annoying because she always gets what she wants. You just know he's going to come back sans girl on the motorcycle to giver her some hot Hipster artist lovin' And that's just not fair...spread the wealth, S. spread the wealth.

Bring back Rufus and Lilly!

Vanessa...get a story line! One that doesn't involve making coffee! or having really bad hair/accessories from urban outfitters...

Dan. Despite your pretentiousness I still like you. Be a better brother and look after your sister....but since you aren't thank goodness there's NATE.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG NATE AND JENNY!!! Perfection. There's not often that I think, wow that's a good kiss. But I dvr rewound that baby more than once and I'm not afraid to say it. Has this been coming since Nate accidentally kissed Jenny at the Masquerade Ball...I would say yes. And despite the creepiness of a 24 year old making out with a 15 year old (damn you Taylor Momsen for being so hot as a teenager; where is your awkward phase!!!) I am still loving this. This is going to create more drama and more awesomeness.

So today I am jeal of Taylor "I kiss Chace Crawford" Momsen.


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lavenderinfusedhoney said...

the first time i read this, i hadnt watched the show. and now im rereading this and agree with everything!

bring back rufus and lilly!